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Our website is here to help you succeed with houseplants and get your indoor plants thriving. From the beginner to the more experienced, there's something for everyone.

We want your plants to thrive and prosper and bring you joy for years to come. Our content is designed to help you succeed. Complete care guides, helpful tips, problem sections, our readers personal experiences and comments.

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Full of our plant experiences and bursting with helpful tips, care instructions and your comments.

If you want to learn about a particular houseplant, its care tips, see inspirational photos or read comments from other owners then you only need visit the profile pages to get started.


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While the Plant Hub gets to grips with the finer care details of your houseplants, this part of our site has more generic and general guides relating to keeping plants indoors.

Many people want to know the correct way to water houseplants, find out when the best time to repot them or how to solve problems when they come up. So we shovel up the best advice from horticulture experts and houseplant enthusiasts from around the world and share it here.


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Some website's are hard to navigate. We designed ours using a clean and simple look, but if you do get lost use our Site Map. Every single one of our pages is listed in a straight forward list.


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After exploring our other pages, you might decide to come here to have a cheeky look to see who we are. In which case - Hello there!

The Ourhouseplants.com Team are enthusiastic and expert houseplant owners with years of experience. We all have a shared burning passion for plant greenery, propagating and stopping to smell or admire the occasional flower.

The site is written by real people so if you fancy getting to know us a bit better this is the part of the site where you should be heading.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions page Over the years we've been asked loads and loads of questions. While we love to talk with you, it can take us longer than we'd like to respond (we're working on this).

Therefore to ensure the best possible chance of an instant answer instead, we created an FAQ just for you.

This area of the site shares some of the frequent (and to be honest, some of the infrequent) questions we're asked and our answers to them.


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